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In the event of an emergency, please dial 911

About the McCordsville Fire Department

Established in 1952, the McCordsville Fire Department responds to calls in McCordsville and surrounding Vernon Township from our station located at 7580 N. Form St. McCordsville Fire Department is a fully volunteer department, with approximately 30 volunteers. We are always looking for additional members!


McCordsville Fire Department – Station 81

McCordsville Fire Department Station 81 is located at 7580 North Form Street, McCordsville, Indiana 46055. This is just off of West Broadway Street/State Road 67, across from the McCordsville United Methodist Church.

Station 81 was built in 1963, and additions were made in 1983 and 2003 to support additional apparatus and growing needs of the department.


McCordsville Fire Department – Apparatus

McCordsville Fire Department has five front line apparatus including, Engine 481, Engine 482, Tanker 485, Grass 487, and Rescue 489.

Engine 481

  • Year built: 2002
  • Apparatus Manufacturer/Type: KME Excel Custom Rescue Pumper
  • Fire Pump Size: 1500 Gallons per Minute
  • Water Tank Size: 1000 gallons
  • Additional Details: Engine 481 is the first due engine for all Fire & Rescue calls

Engine 482

  • Year built: 1992
  • Apparatus Manufacturer/Type: Pierce Dash Pumper
  • Fire Pump Size: 1250 Gallons per Minute
  • Water Tank Size: 1000 gallons
  • Additional Details: Engine 482 responds first due to all Emergency Medical Services calls, and second due on all fire-related calls.

Tanker 485

  • Year built: 2004
  • Apparatus Manufacturer/Type: Peterbilt/SEMO Tanker
  • Fire Pump Size: 500 Gallons per Minute
  • Water Tank Size: 2000 Gallons
  • Additional Details: Tanker 485 responds on all fire-related calls in non-hydranted areas of McCordsville and surrounding Vernon Township. It also responds on all field/brush fires in the area as well.

Grass 487

  • Year built: ?
  • Manufacturer/Type: Ford F350 Pickup Truck
  • Fire Pump Size: ? Gallons per Minute
  • Water Tank Size: 175 Gallons
  • Additional Details: Grass 487 responds on all brush and/or field fires in McCordsville and surrounding Vernon Township. Grass 487 also responds on EMS calls as needed, especially in certain areas where Engine 482 may not be able to fit.

Rescue 489

  • Year built: 2008
  • Apparatus Manufacturer/Type: Seagrave Commander Walk-Around Heavy Rescue
  • Additional Details: Rescue 489 responds to all extrication and rescue calls, and is second-due to fire calls. Rescue 489 carries a variety of ground ladders in addition to its rescue tools, and serves as both a Truck and Rescue Company on fire scenes.


History of the McCordsville Fire Department

The McCordsville Volunteer Fire Department was established in 1952. Bill Silvey served as Department’s first fire chief.

The first McCordsville fire station was actually at member Chalmer Swarts’ garage. Mr. Swarts’ garage housed the department’s first fire truck, a 1948 International. This truck was purchased from the Standard Oil Company. It had been driven on an oil delivery route by current Vernon Township Advisory Board member Gary Sharrett’s father, Forrest Sharrett.

Unfortunately, Chalmer Swarts’ garage caught fire on the night of December 12, 1962 destroying the fire truck. Department members were able to salvage the tank, which they remounted on a Ford chassis and retrofitted it to pump water. Without a station, the members purchased the property on Form Street from the Hancock County Farm Bureau Co-Op.

In 1963, all McCordsville Volunteer Fire Department members pitched in to build the existing station. The brick for the building came from the demolished school at Mohawk. Many evenings were spent cleaning and laying brick. The original fire station building consisted of two bays for fire apparatus, with a meeting room and restrooms.

In 1967, the McCordsville Volunteer Fire Department purchased a 1947 Diamond T pumper from Warren Township for $550.

Building additions were made in 1982 and 2002, in order to support the needs of a growing town and new apparatus.

Additionally, in an era before pagers, McCordsville Volunteer Fire Department firefighters were alerted to runs by the sound of a siren sounding off at the station (somewhat like a tornado/severe weather siren). If at home, members were alerted to runs via telephone. If the phone rang one solid, continuous ring, it meant there was an emergency. Certain department members also had buttons on their phones that they could push to activate the siren at the station.

In the early days of the department, our ambulance service was provided by the Oaklandon Volunteer Fire Department. Through the dedication and hard work by many people, McCordsville Volunteer Fire Department has and always will proudly serve our community!


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